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P . U . L . S . E

Perfecting Ultimate Luxury Service Experiences


This program covers the tuition and instruction for leading and training teams towards enhancing the ultimate luxury standards and experience. Designed to prepare the individual leader/employee/ team/crew member to be able to create and design effective in-house or onboard training programs and gain confidence in presenting materials on any training topic.

Principal Trainer Josephine Ive advises “Using your own experience and wisdom, Magnums Academy will help you develop the confidence to boost your teams or crew with your own style of learning development. We focus on you rather than the topic, because each training you aspire to present needs the same basic skills, confidence & know how. You will learn how to teach & create meaningful and effective presentations, communicate with adults, read body language, questioning techniques, assessment tools & much more.”

3. Presenting the training (6 modules)

  • Preparation, rehearse, check. Taking time to think and plan.

  • Gaining confidence with your own personal style.

  • Using your leadership to maximize your team's performance. Lead and inspire others to action and success.

  • Measuring feedback skills, cultivate creativity, use feedback to create future training ideas.

1. Identifying the training or mentoring needs for your team. (3 Modules)

  • Individual versus group training sessions.

  • How are you training your team? Creating the learning culture.

  • Selecting the topics. Identifying weak spots or aspects that need refreshing. Understanding your team's individual ability to learn.

  • Identify style of training; self-study, discussion, workshop, roundtable, hands-on, quiz

2. Creating a training plan (3 modules)

  • Mapping out a training plan, so that the training is clear.

  • Basic, intermediate or refresher training or mentoring?

  • Lesson plans, use our template or create your own.

  • Standard Operating procedures

  • Initiating and informing team members of your training plan



After completing this certificate program participants will be able to: 

  • Design a targeted training session or program

  • Create a training plan

  • Plan the delivery

  • Develop training techniques, motivate learning & communicate your message effectively.

  • Prepare and deliver a training session.

  • Assess the feedback and or evaluation forms.


  • Full tuition & instruction of intensive training program by industry experts

  • Handbook and access to resources created by Magnums Academy

  • ‘Live’ training sessions based on your choice of topic, with feedback from other participants.

  • Certificate: Magnums Academy PULSE Train the Trainer.

Entry Criteria

Household Managers, Head Butlers, Chief Steward/ess, Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Butlers & Steward/ess and including those team members who are being requested to deliver training in their workplace


What is PULSE?

Already well regarded for its 7 STAR SERVICE programs, MAGNUMS ACADEMY has created a new set of training programs specifically for the luxury hospitality and hotel sector, although they could be useful to many other sectors such as luxury retail, superyachts, private jets and private households.


Perfecting Ultimate Luxury Service Experiences

Luxury is when the Standard Operating Procedure isn’t showing! The guest feels a sense of detail, thoughtful anticipation and comfort but the gears and machinations to deliver it remain hidden. In other words, the guest experiences a service that is so unobtrusive that it is almost impossible to recall when it happened. Bliss.


Our PULSE participants have their say………………….. 

Cindy – F & B trainer

Found the video feedback sessions really valuable. The trainer is very encouraging (and patient!). I now feel super confident to schedule training programs to my team, hopefully more effective! Thanks again.


PULSE programs cover the many aspects of the key elements for providing luxury service to discerning guests and are ideal for teams that aspire to deliver world-class service within the luxury hospitality environment, programs incorporate plenty of hands-on inclusions, fabulous knowledge, our well-recognised fun but seriously effective WOTIF sessions, practical involvement, creating WOW moments and great team motivation! WOW moments are the beginning of the story your guests will tell………..





2-day program

3-day program

1-day program

2-day program

Champagne, Caviar, Cigars, & Cognac plus a hint of Chocolate!

PULSE programs are linked to our existing Lapel Pin accreditation Quality Ambassador and PULSE participants will be rewarded with a Magnums Academy PULSE certificate and a prestigious Quality Ambassador lapel pin.

Download Student Registration Form:

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