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Champagne; Caviar, Cigars and Cognac (with a hint of Chocolate!)

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1 Full Day

This 1 day enjoyable program takes you on a journey of luxury with a twist. Important product knowledge, identifying the rights and wrongs of service, new trends, new products, plus professional tastings well . Gain more confidence, skills and inspiration to come closer to being a connoisseur and impress your guests.

Program Overview :

  • ​Can you pour Champagne with 'flow control'?

  • Can you tell the difference between Oscietra and Sevruga without tasting?

  • Where do the best truffles come from in the summer?

  • Is a cigar just a cigar?

  •  Can you talk knowledgeably about Champagne, Caviar, Cognac and Cigars?

  • Storing, pouring and serving Champagne, Caviar, Truffles, Cognac and Cigars?



Program Includes:

  • ​Full tuition with digital handbooks, digital learning boxes and hands-on practise, plus a pair of white butler gloves.​

  • Magnums Academy Certificate & IAMI GUEST Cigar Service Unit 06 

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