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  • This GUEST accredited 2-day 

Who Should Attend?

  • This course is designed for luxury superyacht steward stewardesses seeking to advance their interior yachting

Program Includes:

  • Full tuition including Digital Learning Boxes & Mini Handbooks

  • G.U.E.S.T Yacht Advanced Valet Service Certificate



Through a combination of classroom type instruction, practical demonstrations, practice exercises, and skills testing, you will develop a working knowledge of the essential elements of advanced valet service, including:

  •  Important nuances in the relationship between the employer, guest, and valet

  • Principles of discretion and confidentiality, and how to maintain them

  • Proactive anticipation of employer and guest needs.

  • Various duties of a valet (including duties as Butler, house person, secretary, and chauffeur)

  • Arrangement, return, and storage of guests' laundry

  •  Proper packing and unpacking of suitcases and other luggage

  • Methods of shoe polishing/cleaning

  • Management and correct ironing/pressing/starching and folding of guest garments

  • Tying of gentlemen's bow ties and other ties

  •  Preparation and planning personal valet services prior to guest arrival. 

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