Protocol, Etiquette and Cultural Awareness

1 Full Day 


Middle Eastern guests on board? Royalty? VIP's? How to address them? Where to seat them? What to say? How should you advise guests about dress codes? Who to serve first? What are the no no's? How to make small talk? Where to get the answers? Not on Google! 


Discover the answers on this knowledge-packed 1 day program. Tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge from one of the world's top butler trainers, Josephine Ive, Magnums Butler Academy. 

Learn how to address guests whether royalty or culturally different origins. Have fun figuring out how to arrange a guest seating plan at the dining table using top protocol techniques. Find out how you and your crew can make sure every guest feels comfortable based on their cultural heritage.


Program Includes: 

• Full tuition