Champagne, Caviar, Cognac and Cigars ( with a hint of chocolate!)

1 Full Day


So you have opened and poured plenty of Champagne and bubbly, served caviar and cognac not to mention cigars and chocolate! We even share some knowledge on truffles, not the chocolate ones! But is there more to know?



This 1 day enjoyable program takes you on a journey of luxury with a twist. Important product knowledge, identifying the rights and wrongs of service, new trends, new products, plus professional tastings well . Gain more confidence, skills and inspiration to come closer to being a connoisseur and impress your guests. 


Program Overview: 

- Can you pour Champagne with 'flow control'?

- Can you tell the difference between Oscietra and Sevruga without tasting?

- Where do the best truffles come from in the summer?

- Is a cigar just a cigar?

- Can you talk knowledgeably about Champagne, Caviar, Cognac and Cigars?

- Storing, pouring and serving Champagne, Caviar, Truffles, Cognac and Cigars?


Program Includes: 

• Full tuition with digital handbooks, digital learning boxes and hands-on practise, plus a pair of white butler gloves.

• Magnums Academy Certificate & IAMI GUEST Cigar Service Unit 06