BASIC Wine, Bartending & Mixology UNIT 03

1 FULL DAY IAMI GUEST accredited


Improve your knowledge of wine and cocktails and achieve a IAMI GUEST  certificate in Basic Wine Bartending and Mixology. Discover the correct way to store and serve wine on board a yacht and how to present wine, champagne and cocktails to guests.


This course covers the basics of wine across the world with relevance to the yachting industry, encompassing wine regions and grapes and an understanding of champagne and the rudiments of wine. 


Tuition also includes food and wine matching with a structured wine and cheese tasting lesson. Students will additionally familiarize themselves with a grasp of the main spirits and learn how to use the tools and apply the correct methods to blend a few popular drinks.


Program Overview: 

• Introduction to the world of wine 

• Understanding wine regions and grapes 

• Learn the fundamentals of correct wine service 

• Discover how to store wine on-board a yacht 

• Participate in structured cheese tasting 

• Basic knowledge of the main spirits 

• Basic understanding of cocktail tools 

• Gain the basics of cocktail methods and preparation



Have a basic understanding of the world of wine  

Have a basic understanding of regions and grapes of the world relevant to the yachting industry  

Understand the basic principles of proper wine service  

Wine storage on-board a yacht  

Have a basic knowledge of the main spirits  

Have a basic understanding of the tools and methods used to prepare cocktail


Program Includes: 

• Full tuition including Digital Learning Boxes

• Digital Workbook 

• IAMI GUEST Basic Wine, Bartending and Mixology Certificate


Pre-requisites – No previous programs, although the Basic Food Service program with its Silver Service is a very useful preliminary program, English understanding and comprehension are also required.