IAMI GUEST Basic Food Service


 1 FULL DAY IAMI GUEST Program accredited


A full day of ‘hands-on’ basic food service training, for those wishing to enter the luxury yacht industry with a professional start. This serious, but good fun program encompasses different food service techniques including how to correctly conduct food service on board, the crucial basics of service standards, different service styles and dining decorum. Menu knowledge, culinary comprehension, basic beverage presentation and table setting skills are also covered, along with table napkin folding.


Program Overview: 

• Basic dining room and table management. 

• Creating the ambience with theming and flowers.

• Basic Service standards. 

• Menu appreciation and basic culinary knowledge 

• Setting the table • Exploring the service styles – plated, silver,  butler and synchronised. 

• Basic beverage presentation and serving 

• Basic interpersonal skills and dining etiquette.



Understand guest service in general  

Understand how to provide different food service techniques 

Understand how to carry out food and beverage service on board a yacht  

Demonstrate an understanding of how to prepare mise en place for the service area’s onboard the yacht  

Demonstrate an understanding of menus 


Program Includes: 

• Full tuition 

• Workbook 

• Text book 

• White Service gloves 


Pre-requisites – No previous programs but English understanding and comprehension