Advanced F & B Service

The IAMI GUEST Advanced Interior Service course (UNIT 05) is an intense 3-day program designed to fine-tune your skills in managing service. This course includes two live practical lunches working with a chef and serving guests using a combination of service styles including Silver Service, Butler Service, Plated service and Synchronized Service.

The emphasis is very much on practical (learning by doing), but we also include utilising our unique Magnums Method TM that involves pre-program self-study.  We provide instruction on the above-mentioned service styles as well as Russian, Buffet, BBQ and Caviar service.  Table decorating, napkin folding and event preparation are also covered.  We look at menu knowledge, in particular French terminology and go in depth on a full range of luxury items such as truffles, chocolates, types of breads, pasta, cheeses, cuts of meat and many others.  It is an intense course with a great balance of theory and practical. 

Course Content

  • Plated (American) Service  
  • Silver (English) Service  
  • Butler (French) Service  
  • Family Service  
  • Russian Service  
  • Synchronized service  
  • Caviar, canapé and afternoon tea Service  
  • BBQ and Buffet Service knowledge
  • Mise en place  & plenty of hands-on practise
  • Understanding luxury accompaniments, French terminology and menu items  
  • Table setting and decoration  
  • Practical Live Lunches

We are also offering this program as a 5 day program to include Table Decorations and our newest program:


The 4 C’s of LUXURY: Champagne; Caviar, Cigars and Cognac (with a hint of Chocolate!)

Includes the IAMI GUEST Cigar Service program UNIT 06, also available separately